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The Smoking Fetish

What is it about girls who smoke? Is it about oral fixations? Is it the lasting images of 20th century glamour? Is it about the types of girls who smoked, when you were growing up? Is it about the dark side: knowing it's dangerous and harmful, but doing it anyway? The yes. People who are attracted to women who smoke...

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Smoke Signals Online

In 1999, after five years of successfully publishing a smoking fetish magazine, we moved into the online world with the first-ever smoking fetish membership site: Smoke Signals Online. Well over ten years later, the site is still going strong, with more than 250,000 smoking fetish photos and more than 100 hours of exclusive smoking fetish video. We've updated the site weekly...

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Program Changes

SmokeCash has changed from a NATS-based program with two sites, to a CCBill-based program with a different site. There are some good reasons for that. Many of you have known - and sent traffic to - the sites that were part of SmokeCash for many years, including Sexy Smokers, the site that we first operated...

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Smoke Cash FAQ

1. Can you really make money with smoking fetish sites?
The real key to making money on the web these days is finding the right "niche" to promote. There are thousands of teen, hardcore and reality paysites out there - with tens of thousands of webmasters competing to send them the same traffic. But even though "smoking fetish" is the third most-searched fetish term on search engines, there are only a few smoking fetish paysites - and to be generous, the quality of the competition is very, very low. Many surfers actually write us to thank us, after they've "discovered" our sites. That means guaranteed money for you!

2. What is the "Smoke Cash Difference" all about?
It can really be summed up in one word - quality. Most of the programs that have "smoking" sites do it because they see that there's money to be made, even though they have no idea what should go into a smoking site. So they scour the web, finding all the available content that's labelled "smoking," even if the content only shows a girl holding a cigarette. That's just not what surfers want to see. But we know what surfers want to see, because everyone at Smoke Cash has a smoking fetish. We spend thousands of dollars a month on our own, exclusive photo and video content, and know what to shoot. We only shoot real-life smokers, and focus on the ones who have the sexy smoking style that members are hungry for. That means signups, conversions and retention - we still have members recurring since 1999, when we first opened Smoke Signals Online!

3. How can I send traffic?
Free sites, tubes, galleries - almost all of the usual sources. We do not accept traffic from mailers without prior permission, nor do we accept traffic from USENET, messageboard or email spam, which are grounds for termination from the program.

4. How much do I get paid?
The total amount is unlimited - the more signups and rebills, the more you make. With revshare, you receive 50% of all signups and recurring revenue, and we pay all fees. And since every signup is either for a full month or a full year, the money builds up quickly.

5. How do I get paid?
You're paid directly by CCBill. And as we're sure you know, they've never missed a payout in well over a decade of processing.

6. Where can I see my stats?
Comprehensive real-time stats are available at CCBill 24/7.

7. What about "shaving?"
We could tell you that we're honest people, but that probably doesn't mean much in today's world. So we can also tell you that our program is powered by CCBill, which wouldn't let us shave even if we wanted to (which of course, we don't). You'll get paid for what you send, period!

8. What about support?
We're available almost 24 hours a day, by email or ICQ - if you have questions, problems, or special needs, that's what we're here for. We're not a huge program that can just rely on raw "numbers" - in order for everyone to thrive and make money, we have to be here for you, and we are!